Technologie und das Unheimliche

Marshalling Inc. feat. Adam Hruby, Krisztina Hunya, Peter Lowas and Dominika Trapp, site-specific installation, Zönotéka, Berlin, 2016
The show was part of the program Transmediale & CTM Vorspiel Berlin; photos by Krisztina Turna
’’The corporate culture of Marshalling Inc. is a culture of control. The Marshalling Inc. rewards intense company loyalty that at the same time invariably reduces the voice of those who challenge authority.’’ – David A. Klinsky, art critic, philosopher, CAR strategist
With its in situ installation at Zönotéka the art collective Technologie und das Unheimliche aims to set forth the hidden implications of both: the power structure that lurks behind the ’’sterile’’ idea of the office environment, and the contraversive corporate aesthetics of the arms industry. The exhibition and event series evolves around this unique aesthetic tension, that vibrates between the shell-like, encapsulating ambience of corporate lobby settings, and the real identity of power structures. This identity becomes ever more palpable through the obscuring rhetoric of architectural and design practices. The team of Marshalling Inc. presents a visual, sound and fragrant environment inspired by flashy stock-archives, neutral and martial backgrounds as well as their own, uncanny office-phantasies undermined with hints of hidden admiration.
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