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T+U vol. VII. UFO, magazine launch #2
Date: 22.12.2022, Thu, 18:00
Location: ISBN books+gallery

T+U vol. VII. UFO, magazine launch #1
Sound performance by 12z, Komor und Nemes
Date: 13.10.2022, Thu, 18:00
Location: Nová Cvernovka, Bratislava
Featuring works by Aleksandr Delev, Daniel Grúň, Nora Malles, Aaron Moulton, Boris Ondreička, Rebeka Rácz + Bálint Szabó & Márton Kristóf, Borbála Szalai, Stanislaw Welbel, Barnabás Zemlényi-Kovács
"Listening to and understanding Július Koller's suggestion, the editors of this magazine agreed that it is no longer a specter but an actual UFO that haunts Europe. In the era of utopias turned into dystopias, we need something that has not been realized yet. Something that is still so unreal that it can keep reality vibrating like a galactic theremin." – ZsM & MZN
The Július Koller Society and Technologie und das Unheimliche cordially invite you to the launch event of the seventh volume of the T+U magazine series dedicated to UFO. This event is part of the exhibition T+U: Unforeseen Forces of Occulture (U.F.O.), on view at JKS until 30 October 2022.
Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council and co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Unforeseen Forces of Occulture (U.F.O.), solo show at The Július Koller Society

Opening: 2.6.2022, 18h
On view: 3.6.22 – mid-October
Location: The Július Koller Society, 83102 Bratislava, Račianska 78; 1. floor at Nová Cvernovka
In collaboration with the JKS collective (The Július Koller Society) a new exhibition has been set up in Nová Cvernovka, a part of a series that features sci-fi phantasms absorbed into an acid hypercollage against a psychedelic backdrop.
It is a type of cosmic attempt that can only be envisioned on a balcony of a typical Soviet-style prefabricated high-rise in Dúbravka, an endeavor to enter into a conversation with otherworldly creatures as if trying to challenge a rival to a friendly game of table tennis where the future of cosmo-humanist history is at stake. It is a type of envisioning, where all familiar landscapes, whether the Tatra mountains or Lake Balaton, can all of a sudden turn into an eerie scenery of close encounters of the third kind. It is a type of osmosis where plastic and plasma merge into one to create a new breed of a righteous cosmic society. It is a type of an occult laboratory in which the prime matter of the cosmo-humanist alchemist reaches the speed of light. It is a type of xenotopia where a new Eastern European intergalactic agent is born, a type of agent that considers itself a humanist but no longer human; a type of agent that considers itself to be a socialist, and yet has always orbited on cosmic scales. It is a type of agent that has always believed that communism could only be reformed in an intergalactic wedding when the cloud of smoke from the cosmic chimney (fourneau cosmique) transmutes the nation’s gold into new flesh. This is a type of gold that lights up the universe. It is a type of anti-happening that results in the cultivation of transmutation in everyday practice whereby everything we touch turns into gold. It is a type of mystery of the capital by which the artist ultimately transforms itself into gold and pure speed. It is a type of cosmo-humanist artist who can only prevail by submerging itself in the realm of uncanny technology. It is a type of gold production that allows the anti-happening to radiate as technological lux throughout the ether of the unknown universe. 

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