Technologie und das Unheimliche

T+U vol. I. Bunker, 2014
Digital print, 15x21 cm, ed. of 100 copies, printed in Budapest
The first issue of T+U concentrated on the spatio-cultural metaphor of bunkers. As the manifesto of the magazine argues: ”In the post-culture we do not wait for apocalypse as it has already happened. There was no nuclear holocaust or other festive moment: we live in a cycle of rivaling doomsdays. We lost our total control on technology, therefore it triumphs over us. What remains is the presentness: gathering and handcrafting. However we prepare shelters for the time of emergency, it is still under discussion what we have to undergo. Our only common sense is bunker fever and mutagenic techno as chamber music.” Therefore, the first T+U issue is a perfect example for how a handcrafted document of personal apocalypse would have looked like in our post-digital vision of counter-culture.
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